Ardhas Technology Softsys offers bespoke services and solutions in insurance to transform your business and increase the returns on IT investment. Armed with 100 man years of experience in the industry along with the knowledge of working on multiple products gives us the unique advantage to understand your needs in a much better way and deliver precise solutions which will be a catalyst to your business growth.

Insurance companies across the globe are constantly looking for avenues to transform the way they carry out business especially in the face of uncertain economic environment. This becomes obligatory for both internal processes and operations related to products, services and their distribution channels.

Their responsibility extends to meeting shareholders expectations and improving the earnings per share, added with the compulsions to meet the regulatory compliance in managing the risk the business is exposed to.

All the above are inherent to the industry and economy but what poses much more challenges is the way technology is being used to gain a competitive advantage which is used as a quick way to get catapulted to a different league.

One of the most sought after technology to bring in the competitive advantage has been web technologies which allow insurance companies to offer direct web access to their policy holders/customer to manage their insurance records online. This personalized web-access service takes client servicing to a wholly new echelon, while increasing customer loyalty and value chain.



  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Underwriting
  • Claims
  • Policy Administration
  • Accounting
  • Document Management System

General Insurance


  • Motor
  • Travel
  • Home
  • Personal Accident
  • Loan Installment
  • Health


  • Fire
  • Industry
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Liability

Life Insurance

  • Term Assurance
  • Whole Life Assurance
  • Endowment Assurance
  • Annuities
  • Liability


  • Testing
  • Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure
  • BPO