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Queue Management

Easy Q

Customers are the most key component for organization. Specially, for the service oriented organization including Government, customers visit their service centers for different reasons. Managing the customer flow process by one-stop service centers is critical to keep the service quality. Effective customer flow depends on the customers, who should have clear options and convenient, timely access to services that lead to positive results and high customer satisfaction.

Typically, the service centers frequently face the problem of undisciplined queues; causing tension and stress among both customers and employees which result in efficiency decline. Special service desks remain mostly under-utilized. Customers take back the impression based from the experience of service quality at the service centre. While customers & employees remain unhappy; management has not enough data to improve customer service & the human resources.

The solution is a queue management system. It will place the undisciplined queue in system and instead of standing in long queue; customers may sit down / roam around the waiting space. It also creates opportunities in promoting new services to the customers. The center manager can view data on waiting customers and the operation team can work on data to optimize the resources for improvement.

Easy Q is an effective & systematic queue management system designed to ensure disciplined & guided customer experience. It provides options to the organization for promoting information among the waiting customers. The system enables the center manager with statistics on waiting customers and with advanced administrator module and online reports, Easy Q provide an opportunity to improve branch operation/services to the next level.


  • For the customers/visitors
  • Guiding in selection of the exact services and forwarding to the right service desks
  • Service appointment
  • Giving a comfort that the process is systematic
  • Allowing free waiting time before service call announcement

For the organization

  • Service staff will know the reason of the visit prior arrival of customer
  • Categorization of the services / customers and manage it accordingly
  • Optimum resource allocation through statistical analysis
  • Improvement of the service quality of the staff through better use of skills
  • Dissemination of information during the waiting time
  • Central MIS for online monitoring of the centers will make a common standard in all centers

Key Features

  • Service will be selected by touch screen.
  • Multi-lingual support for kiosk and voice announcement.
  • Time based service pledge management with receipt print.
  • Support single / multiple selection of service/s at the time of dispensing the token.
  • Configurable token content printing options.
  • The Kiosk has flash promotional / compliance messages while idle.
  • Digital signage.
  • Categorizes the customers with prioritizing the services.
  • Tellers are able to view all relevant information of the customer arriving.
  • Facility to redirect / reassign between service to service, counter to counter.
  • Branch management console for defining and managing service counters to adjust queue.
  • Can push token to specific teller
  • Options for sending message to underperforming tellers
  • Missing token management.
  • Easy configuration of the services, desks, persons and priority of the token assignment.
  • Customize menu expandability option for customer interface.
  • Can select queuing method according to requirement.
  • Support generation of unique token number for the day & branch based on priority.
  • Supports to change the promotional messages.
  • The report can be exported in PDF, Excel, Doc etc.
  • Central administration console.
  • Supervisor will get alert for any kiosk printer error, underperforming teller’s log.
  • Auto shut down menu from kiosk.
  • Role based authentication for access in the system.
  • Same system supports standalone, centralized or distributed mode with prescheduled sync.
  • The system is hardware independent and can support any hardware.
  • The system runs in Windows, Linux, Unix platform.
  • API is provided for integration with 3rd party devices like CallPad, Google TV, LED display etc.
  • Customer can select database (MySQL / MSSQL)
  • SMS notification management.


Why Easy Q

Easy Q has flexibility in implementation which allows the organization to roll out the project quickly. It has the advantages on the following issues:

  • It can be integrated with open standard hardware platform. Organizations can user their preferred hardware instead of proprietary hardware from the vendors.
  • The server based system enables the system administrator for configuring and managing the operation of the system.
  • The system allows the system administrator to customize the menu according to their business plan. The menu flexibility provides data on the final service lines for analyzing.
  • The branch administration console allows the branch manager to adjust the configuration based on customer movement in that particular branch.
  • The system is scalable. It can be used as standalone or centrally. The customer interface language or the promotional text can be set branch wise. Organization operating in the diversified geographical area can leverage their customer interface with this multi-language feature.


Key interfaces

Token dispensation

tokenCustomer will choose the desired service through this token dispenser. The service options would be shown in multi-language. Once the customer chose the service, based upon the current status of queue and their service nature, a token will be printed indicating token no, counter no and any promotional text. Queue pro support both touch based and button based token dispenser. shade

Service delivery counter using soft keypad

tokenWhen the customer gets a printed token, the token number will pops in the list of queued customer at the desktop of that particular CSO. When CSO will start serving, the top most token number form the list will be displayed in the LED board above CSO so that customer can approach the counter. Once the customer’s query is served, CSO will mark the token as served, automatically the next token will be displayed in the LED and this will continue till the customers are waiting.


Q showcase for digital signage

tokenQ Show Case is considered for digital signage and notification platform to the waiting customers. Apart from the options to display the token numbers with respective serving counters; the options are there to run different promotional materials as marketing tool.


Administration console

tokenThe administration console allows to management system centrally by different role group. The central administrator can manage the entire organizations configuration parameters relating to queue and creating the users; while the branch administration can manage their internal configuration based on their needs.


Report console

tokenThe report viewers can use this console to get the reports based on searching parameters. The reports have analysis with graphical interfaces. It can be also exported in excel, doc or PDF format as convenient.shade

Industry usage

Easy Q can be used for the following industry:
  • Bank
  • Telecom
  • Hospital
  • Service centers managed by both Government and private organizations.

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Our Services

  • Bank
  • Telecom
  • Hospital
  • Service centers managed by both Government and private organizations.

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