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Mobile Applications

We provide solutions for both Android and iPhone applications solutions.

Iphone Apps

Ardhas e-Reader

Ardhas e-Reader App is a powerful tool to enjoy your reading experience on iPad. Built on Apple’s iOS platform, the App supports multiple book formats, sources, and offers a range of choices for the readers. It lets you swipe to turn pages from left to right, and right to left. The app also provides option for downloading the sample content as well as the original book subject to terms.

Ardhas Restaurant Manager

Ardhas Restaurant Manager App performs a variety of regular functions related to restaurants. Apart from helping regular customers reserve their favorite tables, it features the up-to-date menu for placing orders. Option for selection of preferred cuisine and search for various categories are some of the outstanding features of the iOS App.

Ardhas Geo Locator

Ardhas Geo Locator App is an ideal solution for tracking the movement of vehicles using GPS system from any given location on Earth. The iOS based App is a handy tool for companies that own fleets of vehicles to remote-manage operations and provide accurate information to their customers.

Android Apps

Ardhas Factory Supervisor

Ardhas Factory Supervisor App is the ultimate companion of corporate honchos for monitoring the operations of their factories or manufacturing units from any distant corner of the world. Built on Android Platform with inputs from experienced factory supervisors and managers, the App is known for its efficiency in managing various processes from A to Z of manufacturing. The App can be customized to suit requirements of various clients.

Ardhas Gold Nugget

Ardhas Gold Nugget App is an essential tool for jewelry manufacturers to share information with retailers on the latest collection of designs. With no provision for copying the designs, the App can showcase thousands of designs to retailers spread across faraway places. It can also be customized to suit various requirements.

Ardhas Pocket Embassy

Ardhas Pocket Embassy App is an essential companion for expatriate Indians spread across the globe. While keeping the expats updated on news, forthcoming events related to India and the embassy, the Android Platform based App functions as a repository of information on India.


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Iphone Apps

  • e-Pub Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Embassy App

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Android Apps

  • Factory ERP
  • Jewellry app
  • Songs release for movies

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